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Getting Serious! I'm Level 1 now!


Hello everyone!

My name is Korab and I’m known as AbiPod. I’m a new artist attempting High School and I heard about Fiverr a few months ago. After I heard about Fiverr I immediately joined it, because I wanted some extra bucks for a better economical life. Since then I got a few sales, I didn’t earn that much, but it was fun to work with this awesome community… these last 3 days I got a some orders and it was very fun to work with the sellers. And now I just logged in to my Fiverr Account and I saw an awesome banner at the top of the page where it said:“Welcome to a whole new level… You’ve just become a Level 1 Seller!”. I was very surprised and happy on the same time! I’m thankful to everyone who purchased my gigs and especially to this awesome community which helped me a lot! Thank you everyone! I would accept any suggestions or advices and of course I will gladly accept regards haha!

Thanks everyone!

Best Regards,



Congrats and good luck


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Reply to @seemydeath: Thank you very much! I wish you good luck too!


Reply to @vedmak: Hey vedmak :slight_smile: That’s weird, I didn’t know you can lose level after gaining it, I hope I don’t lose mine haha!


good luck bro…=D>

keep up the good work…


Reply to @abipod: You can indeed and sometimes you will never find out why (personal experience)

Good luck and work hard!


Reply to @promo_guy: Thank you, Sir! I like your work. Good Luck!


Reply to @rossonomous: Well as I said before that’s weird, but it seems that there is nothing we can do about this, so we just have to work hard! Anyway thank you, I wish you good luck too!