Getting sick of this


I’m getting really annoyed by the sellers using the buyer request option to advertise their gigs, is there anyway i can report them, or will fiverr do anything about it?


Ya it’s incredibly annoying, and it is in fact against ToS. Fiverr does weed them out, the problem is that every time they get rid of the old ones, the new ones arrive. It’s a vicious cycle and is really frustrating. The most annoying part is when I see their posts and they are getting clients! Haha, but they’ll get caught eventually. I have to have faith in the system!


I know haha, that’s the thing i noticed, it’s against the ToS yet it’s so common. Fiverr would be wise to give people the power to report them atleast.


I’m getting really annoyed by the sellers who are annoyed by buyer requests making yet another post on exactly the same topic in the forum because they don’t know how to use the search function.


Don’t worry I will send you a “Get well soon” card.


would you like an award?


Uhh… would you like an award for that?