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Getting So Much Captcha Checks - Any Solution

Hey, guys, I’ve been using Fiverr for 2 years now and since the day before yesterday, I started getting so much I mean a lot of Captcha checks. I tried different browsers I even checked using Mobile Browser still I have to click "I’m not a Robot"
I do not use any scripts or plugins, I’ve a constant timer running (in windows clock, not the browser) and whenever it reaches 3 or 4 minutes I manually refresh my Dashboard or go to buyer’s requests or do something random if I have been idle.
Never has this happened before, any suggestions on how to overcome it and not get these messages so frequently?

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You could try refreshing the dashboard/buyer requests less often and/or at less regular intervals.
Also try not to open 2 Fiverr tabs too quickly (like less than a quarter of second after the first). Fiverr asks me the robot thing if I do that. It’s a shame Fiverr does this and makes workers slow down though. They should be helping to increase the performance of sellers not slowing them down like this.

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Sometimes it helps to clear your cache.

Thanks everyone and sorry for late response. I resolved the issue. My ISP gives dynamic IP to it’s users and the one I got was flagged. It wasn’t just Fiverr where I was getting those frequent checks. When I found out it was everywhere else I requested ISP to allow change of my IP and it solved the problem.

Nope, the cache or any other solution didn’t help


I’m also getting so much captcha. Is this a fiverr bug? It’s interrupting my working!!!