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Getting someone to create a gig for me

I am really pushed for time at the moment and I want someone to get someone on fiverr literally access my account and create a gig for me. I already have a few people offering. What I want to know is, is this safe and will they be able to access other info like payment stuff? Thanks

I’m ready to create your gig but i charge $5…

See private admin note and discontinue discussion on financials in this category.

If you give them your password then you are giving them total access to your account and they can do with it as they please. You would need to change your password when they were done.

It is so easy to create a gig. Can’t you find half an hour to an hour to do this?
Why not just hire someone to write the description, and a designer to create the pictures?
You still wouldn’t know if they were just copies of an existing gig or not though.

Wouldn’t doing that also put a seller in the position of potentially getting a warning/banned from Fiverr due to the IP address thing? Seems like a terrible idea to me. As @misscrystal says, if you can’t find 30m to do this first basic step, how would you even find time in your hectic schedule to do work?

And of course they will get total access. Just hire someone to write you a complete gig and put it up, although guess what–now you’ve written this, Google will archive it and guess what may turn up anytime a potential seller does a little research on you.

You really didn’t think this one through…

You may be hiring someone who can barely write English also.

Doing that could easily get you into deep trouble with Fiverr over $4 or less. I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you need someone else that badly, why not team up with someone you know personally and make team out of it? That is quite within the boundaries of ToS and good sense. Getting a stranger to do it is not. Besides all that, a potential buyer seeing this post on the forum will likely avoid you entirely over safety and other concerns.

You mentioned getting into trouble with fiverr and I see what you mean.
If one seller is signing into another seller’s account they can get banned.

I can’t be sure, but the idea is odd at best and at worst, could easily result in a purposeful or accidental ToS violation. I’ve never seen this idea on the forum, so it’s a new crazy to me!

I am ready to create gig you . skype : *******

I completely agree with @fonthaunt here.

Self promotion or gig sales don’t go in this category. Content removed.

you are not ready to do anything, except get banned. I suggest you remove your email address and your skype address from your profile. Pronto.

Please mention all about your service so that you can get more orders.

Bit of a train wreck, this thread. I love it!

What I would recommend doing is finding time to create a gig! If you don’t have time to create a gig, you definately won’t have time to do the work.

What I did is created my gigs, then got someone to re-write the gig description.

If you manage to create a gig, I and probably many more people on the forum would be happy to help. Until you help yourself though, nobody else is likely to help you.

I agree with you.This is have risk.

@azureskies11 find sometimes to create a gig by yourself. its very simple, You can also visit fiverr blog or academy to know how a gig is created. I don’t recommend your decision of hiring someone, all the best

I would not recommend it either. Just try to find what you do best and what might be of people interest. Try to come up with a nice description of your GIG and simply do some marketing. I am also sure that fiverr will help you out here in a way if they see that your GIG is awesome.

happy holidays all!

Its very risky,don’t ever do it.Just take some time and do it for yourself.Thanks