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Getting Started with Customer Orders

Hello, I have started up a Fiverr account that will design and print custom Cad models. I already created my first gig a while ago. I have received a small number of impressions, but no orders. :frowning: I was looking for suggestions knowing that there aren’t many buyer requests in the Industrial & Product Design subcategory. Does anyone have tips to kickstart my Fiverr business in order to inspire more future customers? Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Maybe choose a different category. Look carefully at the categories in the seller section and see if there isn’t a better place to be in.

Another tip: Go into the buying section and type in CAD models and see what comes up. Look for Top Sellers - see what category they are in. (If you cannot update to the new category, contact customer service)

Another good thing to do is look at their SEO tags. They are the 5 tags at the bottom of their gig.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll try them out! However, it did seem like my category was the best fit for my expertise. :expressionless:

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Also, I was wondering if it is worthwhile to create multiple similar gigs rather than hugely varying the packages in one gigs. Has anyone already experimented with this?

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The more gigs, the more exposure.