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Getting started

Sorry, folks!!

This place is a little confusing for me.

How or what’s the best place to get started and learn about the do’s and don’t’s??

First, read the Terms of Use, the whole thing! Then just stick around and read the forums for a bit.

As far as the forums go, if you want to know the Do’s and Dont’s you can go wrong with literally - Please review the Do’s & Dont’s - See more at:

The link is also at the top of the forum if you need to find it again later.

Just read the Do’s and Don’ts and you can choose which topics you want to read in the forums.

To get started with Fiverr, maybe you can check here to get some helpful tips and secrets for Fiverr Success!

Reply to @sincere18:

Thank you, sincere18.

Nice meeting you and thank you for the heads up.


Reply to @fonthaunt:

Thank you, fonthaunt.

Nice meeting you and will follow your advice.


Again, HI, venchi.

Glad to see I got your support.


Another good start would be to create a gig that sells what you explain as your ‘purpose’ in your profile - do something involving guitars! :slight_smile:

thank you, itsyourthing.

Nice meeting you.

Hadn’t thought about using the guitar, what a good suggestion.