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Getting Student Loans Removed From Credit Report

Allow us to help you dispute student loans off your credit report whether the debt is legitimate or not. Late payments? Thousands in debt? Tired of the calls? Has late payments on student loans effected your ability to get a car, house, credit card? We’d be happy to help!

The process takes 2-4 months. 4 rounds of different dispute letters need to be sent out once each month and separately to each agency such as Experian, Equifax, and Transunion to ensure guaranteed results.

$15 will get you a “round 1” dispute letter for an agency of your choice.

For guaranteed results, we recommend getting all 12 letters for the “Do it yourself” kit for $150. This equals 4 different dispute letters each month for each credit agency.

If you aren’t too sure about doing it yourself and would like for us to do it for you step by step from start to finish, the Premium option where we take care of everything for you on a silver platter is $400.

We don’t ever need or ask for any of your personal information. Please do not give out your social security number, DOB, and address to anyone you do not trust. All of our services can be done without us needing to know any of that information.

Removing the debt from your consumer credit report does not mean that you do not still owe the debt. It just won’t negatively impact your credit score any longer.

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