Getting the first order


I am new to Fiverr and just scratching around of it. I have created a gig but after 1 week, I have not got any client.
Can anybody kindly tell me how to promote my gig and get clients attracted?


Hi, you can try to promote your gig in your social medias and check out the “buyer request” section where you can find people looking for gigs. The requests will be limited to the category in which your gig is; if your gig is about graphic, you will be able to see people looking for graphic related gigs.

Hope you will soon deliver your first gig!


Thanks a lot. But if you have time can you please share your story of getting the first order in brief? Please?


Heh, I don’t remembre exactly what my first sale was. But I’m pretty sure it was through buyer request. I used to (and I still do) check out the “buyer request” section a lot, like every hour or less. Then, I would send offer and hope for someone to order my gig. I also try to give my best, I communicate with the seller a lot, making sure of what his/her needs are.

Using buyer request section at first in Fiverr is very important, because with those sales you can earn reviews and those are important to make you visible. Also, if you have positive reviews, people will more llikely buy your gigs.

Hope this helps you!


That’s a great point. Most new sellers struggle with this issue. The first thing you have to do is optimize your title and description. Put yourself as a buyer and try to analyze if just by looking at your gig if you would buy it if it crossed your way.

Your best chance would be offer very low prices and deliver your order in a very short time. Yes, at this point money is not what matters, you have to build reviews and reputation. That must be your current goal.

Go to buyers request section, use a computer and search for jobs that you are able to do. Offer them at very low prices. What takes people to Fiverr is the cost/benefits relationship. Use all your 10 daily requests. Use the power of social media. And pretty much everything that’s in your arsenal.


Make your gig title unique and set appropriate SEO title that relates to your gig


Thanks for your nice suggestions. @All


There are a gazillion things you can do and the list goes blah blah. But let me tell you one thing have patience keep improving your gig and have patience.
It can take a lot of time I am an example