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Getting the orders


Hi guys, Its almost more than a week that i have posted my gigs, although i’m very good at what i’m offering but still until now, i’m unable to get any order. What is the reason? I am starting to be a bit disappointed. :frowning:


Same here…! I am on level 2 and no more orders :frowning:


I’ve said this before on this board - please create a video for your gig. Show yourself, so people can trust you.

We’re on here for a couple of days and already received 4 orders. And many views, too. I believe we owe it all to the videos. It just makes an enormous difference.



Thanks a lot for the valuable suggestion.

I will definitely be considering this very soon.


Reply to @inet_solutions:

Your gig looks very professional. I think you’ll be a big success on Fiverr.