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Getting their money's worth?

So I have a gig where I offer to do a 300 word voiceover for $5. I had a buyer yesterday reject a voiceover I did for him that was less than 100 words, because he wanted me to read another 200 words, because the gig was for 300 words. I did the extra anyway because I guess he’s technically right - but really I feel like if you want two jobs that total less than 300 words done, you should send them all at once, not add on after the original job is delivered. Is there anything I could do about this, and moreover, what does the rest of the Fiverr community think of this situation?

Definitely an Odd situation but maybe in your gig should clarify EACH gig is up to 300 words. So if they want “more done after the fact” need to order a separate gig. If you put that in your description and someone pulls that again, you can say in the gig description it said “each” and “up to” so if you give me 50 words can’t come back and request 250 more later as credit.

So you could do 10 30 word voiceovers, or 300 1 word voiceovers for $5. Sweet deal!

My gig already states “UP TO 300 words.” I will do two separate gigs (or as misscrystal pointed out, 10 30 word voiceovers), I don’t mind that, but I think they should all be sent at the time of the order, not just assumed that they can be added as the buyer feels like it after the order is delivered.

I think you should just do 1 for $5. 300 or fewer words. Value your work at least that much.