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Getting threat ! what can you do If you get threat?

I am an illustrator. I am not new in Fiver but in forum . recently I am working with a client who is really unreasonable… we have deal to make 10 illustration , but he wanted more … I made it till 20 pages. and still I think he will give me bad review. I have all 5 * review . so its my first time facing such client, and He keep changing his text in book and his name and other things… . and its not my responsibility at all . I am responsible for only illustration. what can I do ??? I am afraid of submitting my work.


First you shouldn’t offer unlimited revisions toward all of your packages you should limit your revisions!

If it wasn’t listed on your agreement you should offer a gig extra for your extra work!
If you did a perfect job for the requirement you shouldn’t be afraid of submitting your work…


I did exactly
what he told. he said he liked my art. but he wanted more 10 picture. when I said for extra fee offer , he said he will give me when finishing order as tips. and I was fool enough to go with that. now I am done all art. he is now keep changing his story / text. that is not my responsibility at all. ( I do just illustration. and put word if client demand and send me text ) … I am sure I not only did perfect art that he liked but double art . but problem is… … now he is not willing to give extra fee. and moreover seems like he will give bad review for not able to change text any more time, ( I told him I am not responsible for text. I do art and my gig is about art )

thank you for your reply

and thanks for your response.

Take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath and walk away.

Personally, I just cancel and move on. It is not because a cancellation, now, is worse than a 1 star but because a 1 star would keep reminding me of the mentally unstable person.

These are rare occurrences that almost everyone come across.

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if you offer unlimited revisions there’s not much that you can do about it , sorry to say


Just had a client (buyer) ask if I could do 2 additional samples with my delivery. This was after an agreement for one video/one format. The answer was, yes, for an additional fee of $$, I’d be happy to.
They decided they didn’t want to pay extra, so one version is what they got.
The issue here is that you acquiesced to your buyer’s demands initially, now they expect you to do so.
Simple solution V1 - Cancel the order, move on.
Simple solution V2 - Deliver what you promised, no more, move on.
Bad review, so what? You don’t control what a buyer may/may not say or do. You only control what YOU do and say.
Bad buyers are an issue, but not worth the extra time to stress over. A bad review doesn’t make you a bad seller…it’s just a review.


Thank you for your nice words. It really helps me to move on, I was so afraid cause I am not too old here. Just about to reach 1st level. But I know what I should do now.

This is a problem. You’re not supposed to work for tips. The tip is completely optional. When someone say such things 99% of the time they’re trying to scam you and get more work out of you. On such cases you have to politely say that you’re not allowed to work expecting tips and ask them to order extra. of course I do know as you explained the buyer refused to accept your extra, so In that case you better contact customer support. they’ll do the best resolution considering the buyers behavior and your delivery.

In terms of sending the delivery, If you’re confident that you done with the initial requirement the buyer was asking for, you can do deliver it. Nothing to afraid on that.

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Thank you for your nice words. Yes I was fault in the first place , but I have got many nice words from you guys, and learn my lesson. I just submit my order, still waiting for marking as complete, I will be careful next time and will not care about review but my rights,

Thank you again. :blush:

Yes, actually I am working here only 2/3 month, so did not know many things, I offered him 20 revision (actually I dont sent my art direct in "deliver work " but sent as sample and make sure if client like it , thats why I did not put much thought it revision. … I will edit my gig later. Thank you .

I’m repeating what has already been said here.

DO NOT give the Buyer MORE than the Gig states.

DO NOT let a Buyer bully you.

DO NOT cave in just because you fear a bad review.

DO NOT repeat any of the steps that led you to post your query.


Yes, I have to move on and not get emotional about something like that, (though I am nervous :pensive: ) I have been thinking , if I want to be freelancer, I should accept and adopt with some things, thank you so much for your nice response.

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Yes, now I really got enough courage to say "no " where I dont want to, and what is not reasonable, It was my 1st time in forum. And did not know I will get all of this precious words. I will move on and wont repeat any mistakes, thank you so much,

I feel fresh now.

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