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Getting tired of Buyers sending, me spam

Hi guys, have you even got bulk messages dozens of them each day from *****, ***** and ***** texting you and asking to you to give them job?
Does people in those specific country’s know between buyer and seller what does it mean?

How can i stop getting those people sending me messages and asking me to give them job at fiverr?

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Say ‘no’, flag them as spam, and block. It might take a bit, but the frequency should die off.


It is annoying, for sure.

But, let’s look at it for a moment in their shoes.

These are people living in a part of the world where something like Fiverr offers them hope, the potential of getting ahead and the possibility of being able to provide a good income.

We cannot begin to pretend to understand what their lives must be like.

So instead, I just kindly say no thank you and carry on with my day.

I have hired a couple of freelancers this past week from the area of the world you speak of just to try to help someone.

I prefer to try to be part of the solution, not a complainer.


I agree , but i gave 3 chances for 3 different ones, all of them named themselfes as professionals and so on, i ended up to get professional videographer who uses inshot video editing with watermark and terrible outcome and week of waiting.

But they dont even have most of them sellers account, all of them are also asking for private information. and with a time when somebody wakes me up in middle of night of dozens of messages i cant be happy.
I know how it feels to be in same possition as i was also, but i atleast created a gig, but they cant even do that.



Sometimes it’s a gamble, for sure.


Turn your phone off before going to sleep. Or turn the sound off.


But still you have to deal with them in a morning, and if u got like i do 15-20 messages, it takes time to respond


Prepare a Quick Response like “I’m sorry, I can’t help you”, then respond with that and mark those messages as spam? It might take less time that way.


If you mark it as spam you don’t have to respond.


You still have to respond, even if you mark it as spam. If you don’t respond, it’ll lower your response rate!

I usually have a quick response that says something like “Hi! Unfortunately, I can’t help you out with this. Also, it’s against the rules to request work from other sellers. Thanks!”


That’s how it’s supposed to work, but often doesn’t.


its so annoying. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Thank you so much, saved the message

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