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Getting tired of buyers

Really. I got sick again. So I offered everybody who was due an article in the next 5 days or so a cancellation as instructed to by customer support. About 25% accepted the cancellation, most rejected.

I then received 12 cancellations upon the order going ‘very late’.

4 of these people have said that I can’t have the negative feedback removed because ‘it is business’. One person said:

“Your situation is unfortunate but that is part of being a freelancer on a site like fiverr. Please stop messaging me regarding this matter.”

(i just asked permission)

Another said something along the same lines (although a bit harsher, has been buried somewhere in my archived messages and I can’t find it…think along the lines as I deserve to have the feedback because it ruined their business)

Now; I would not have minded if I did not update these people. I did. Every step of the way. I even done exactly what Fiverr said I should do (offer cancellation the second I knew orders would be late)

The problem is that Fiverr now takes the view that it does not matter if you offer a customer a cancellation. If they reject that cancellation and things go very late then well…I have to deal with the consequences. Julia said this:

"Some buyers will turn down your mutual cancellation request and then cancel when the order becomes late. But some buyers will cancel by mutual agreement that might otherwise have cancelled their order for being late, so you can avoid some negative feedback that way."

So basically; if you get sick then you are basically screwed on here. There is nothing in the system that can cater for unexpected delays. You are done for. You will have to deal with the negative feedback. Hell; my parents could die tomorrow, but I will have to deal with the negative feedback because I ‘accepted’ the order. This is not freelancing. This is basically being tied into working for Fiverr no matter what your personal circumstances are.

EVERY piece of negative feedback (cancellation) I have received on my gig over the past couple of months has been down to being sick. All people have been offered a cancellation in advance. All have turned it down. Why do I not have a right to avoid orders if personal circumstances dictate?


I know that it is my fault for being late (can’t help getting sick sadly), but it would be lovely if buyers could show at least an ounce of compassion from time to time. The way some people have spoken to me on here you would not think that they believe that another person is on the other side of the screen.

Whatever. I am done.

4 people today have told me to treat Fiverr as a business, not as a hobby. I work frikkin’ 16-20 hours a day here. Just…what is the point. I can’t help getting sick. I am sorry I can’t respond to a message when I have no physical access to a computer. I really am. Does not mean I don’t care about customers though.

Buyers have gone drastically downhill since the TV adverts (these are all new customers refusing the negative feedback removal, not old customers. When they respond they are more than happy. They know how much it impacts sellers)

That sucks, man. I write 400 word articles, so you write more than double what I do each day. I can tell immediately that that’s a tonne of work.

I fell out of love with Fiverr in the same respect as you around a month ago. My house was broken into by drug dealers who were caught in the act. I got assaulted. Ended up giving evidence, etc. Was threatened pretty badly, had to leave for a bit. Missed about 3 full days of work. I messaged all my buyers explaining, and while some where incredibly supportive, others just gave me a nice fat RED cancellation as soon as the clock ticked over, despite not even bothering to communicate with me about how we could resolve the delay.

I work for incredibly low pay as it is, factor in falling out with clients and I’ve just been going through the motions this last month, before I finally decided to quit.

My heart’s just not in it right now.

How much of your income does Fiverr make up? Do you have anything waiting for you on ‘the outside’?

yah i am fed up with buyers. this buyer purchases the documents from me, i send it within 1 hour and after four days they tell me to give a refund. I politely said give me a reason why you require it and if they would want any other documents but they were rude again and said give me a refund right now…

im getting sick of this now.

Reply to @ryangillam:

all I can say is "WOW"

I’ve been in this situation before, luckily I let C.S cancel the order cause the customer refused cancellation three times and I had a good 24 hours left on the clock… so we got it done anyway.

I can’t help, but wonder what kind of people would do something like that, it’s like they get some sort of sick joy from ruining peoples businesses…

and most of them call themselves “business owners”