Getting tired of this


I get this over and over… people order gigs and never fill in the information, for example 3 days ago someone ordered a gig and didn’t even bother to fill in the information. After 3 days of nagging them to do so they finally respond with “Hi! Can I help you? What information you need more?” … really?!


There are five gajillion posts, rants, and raves about this very thing. Get some popcorn, do a search, and read the stories. :wink:


:slight_smile: Ha, this is one issue that is extremely hard to fix. What do you think would fix it from your perspective?


I don’t know that there is a “fix”. Some have suggested a bullet point list or something similar for the buyer to check off, but there will always be those buyers that check them all off without bothering to read them.

All we can really do at this point is politely explain the issue, detail what you need, and - once again - be overly polite. You could also ask if it’s okay if you mark it as delivered. Explain how much more time it would take, and do what you can to get it done in that time frame. Or (the last resort, IMO) request a mutual cancellation until the issue is resolved and you can resume work on the piece.

But no, sadly, I don’t think there is a “fix” for this.


You have to remember that there are a lot of people out there that are a lot less internet savvy than us!~


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Very wise words. Usually I blame the buyer for these situations but I will use your advice instead.


Some good tips. I always try to keep my instructions as clear as possible for anyone.


TWEAKing the gig descriptions is the word, just like OBG stated with her great tips.


I always do a step by step by step

Step 1) place an order i can’t start without one

Step 2) explain the order requests in detail

step 3)…blah blah blah

you all get the idea. with your tip gig or gigs that need little or no explanation leave the section blank.


and sometimes there is just nothing you can do except deal with each situation as it comes along.


The best thing is to post your instructions in a very detailed way, so that the buyer understand. And if still the buyer did not respond, you can do only one thing. I too faced this problem a few times. What I did was, I waited for the information till 24 hours… After the time was running short and was about 1 hour left, I clicked the DELIVER WORK button. I dropped a message in his inbox that you did not provide the information, then how can i go ahead with the work. As the time was over, I clicked deliver work. Now provide the info and I will deliver the work.

What I want to say is : why drop our ratings if the buyer did not respond. Its completely a buyer’s fault.

I Hope I did right ! ! ! !


Reply to @decentdevil: I’ve done the same thing once.


It seems like the people with very broken English tend to be the ones that don’t understand that they need to submit something…

Perhaps we could get a fiverr translation so they don’t miss it if you don’t understand it? :smiley:


Reply to @caiterz: very nice idea… fiverr translation should be there…


Reply to @caiterz: great idea, any one able to do a transfer gig for them? Might earn you Christmas/holiday money :slight_smile:


If anything, I think I overload the seller with info, lol


or send them an ebook with all the instrutions(including video on how to submit the instructions)… =)) =))


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Well said.

And some of your grandkids think you’re prefect :slight_smile:


Ugh. Not quite your topic but I’m here to vent!

I just got “One of Those”.

He ordered, send instructions to do exactly what my gig says I don’t/can’t do. I explained that to him and asked if I should proceed with the gig or refund him. So, instead he sends a message back to go ahead with the gig, but that I have to add a bonus because I can’t do what he wants… even though it says in my gig what I can and can’t do.

So why should I do him any favors since he’s asking for one based on the fact that he wants something that it says in my gig I don’t do. LOL

I requested a mutual cancellation, explaining that I can’t provide the service he’s looking for… but I’m expecting he will decline, and that this could get… messy.

Waaaaaaaaa. :frowning:

I don’t want to have to force a cancellation.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Okay, how’s this for a bonus, I won’t call you illiterate or inattention the whole time I complete and then finish your gig :slight_smile: LOL