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Getting to know the audio world- don't believe in magic!

‏Lately I can see a lot of buyer requests that asking to remove the vocals from a song or background noises/effects from an interview .
‏I can see that for any such request there are up to 30 offers and I wonder what exactly the sellers promise to those buyers .
‏So to set things straight, vocals can’t be removed completely from an audio file and there is no magic that can fix it completely, or remove entirely background noises .There is just one technical possibility to reduce the vocals significantly but only if there are certain conditions. Without them, it is not possible to do so.
‏Dear buyers and sellers, Do not be tempted to go with the seller that promises you an absolutely removal of any background noises ,vocals or effects. That is simply wrong. It will only disappoint you and your buyers .
‏The only thing the sellers can do is to try and minimize these elements in your audio as much as they can without ruin the overall sound. Please keep in mind that the outcome of your audio file depends on your seller’s skills.
‏In conclusion, sellers just be real and honest - don’t promise anything you can’t deliver.
‏And dear buyers ,do not buy offers that sound too good to be true.

‏Thank you
‏Avri music

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If you have any audio related questions I’m here
Thank you
Avri Music

First It is good to find some audio related post.
For me if the request has more than 15 offers, I dont make an offer.
For these type of vocal removal, I try remove from the sample provided and send the demo with the offer.
If there is no sample, I ask the seller to give a sample before accepting the offer.

One more thing I noticed is, for requests with high budget, I see almost 25-30 offers made

Hi, I didn’t find any audio related subjects when I first started using the forum and I wanted to bring some of my experience to it, so I’m glad you like it!
It’s important to check if the seller as the right technical tools for that kind of project because it’s very hard to remove vocals from an existing audio file.