Getting to Level two is difficult


Getting to Level two is difficult even with my great rating and being in level 1, still like you are still a new user


True, but not fully.

Try lowing your prices for some time, and come up with a gig that can sell a lot and would not take too much time or work. Do so just for a bit, and raise the prices back again (simply to allow more sales to come in)
At the end of the day, all you need is one gig that constantly sell and level 2 will come :slight_smile:


edit your gigs and their images, make attractive packages, surely you will get new orders to reach level 2 soon.


@collinsnancy Well this is true but not fully. I once experienced that, All you need to do is edit your gigs, work on your gig descriptions, and offer gig bonuses to your potential buyers.


Believe in your self. Give quality works, You will get more sales and one day level -2 seller you will be! :slight_smile:


Thanks dear, I appreciate that :grin:


Here Yoda. -2 is not clement. Patience required is.


I’m not clear on what benefit it would be to be a Level 2 seller.
And the requirements seem steep so I may stay here indefinitely.


I think you read this:

Produce good quality work, have good communication with client. Give extra value and bonus to your clients. Then they will come again and again and may be share your gigs with their friends. Also have consistency in your work.

Hope this helps.