Getting to level two seller


I was wondering how long before i get to level two seller

I joined in august have 52 completed sales 97% rating

I got level one in mid august. Thanks


Well that was fast. I am impressed.


need to have 2 months on fiverr:)


yah need to be active on fiverr for about 2 months.

thats awesome. you are doing really well.


Nope i can’t move forward yet :confused: i sent out my email during the start of joining fiver… I had cam chats to do with buyers. At that time i didn’t know it was a no no!
my fault i guess, but does fiver even provide us with a cam? i don’t get how do i communicate with buyers on cam-chat then? ow well fiver did say if i work harder i’ll get moved up…


Reply to @jayblue555: lol Thanks i know but still here at level one :confused: