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Getting to Next Seller Level

I have completed all orders on time. One order was mutually cancelled. Not sure why Fiverr is keeping me at 89% order completion rate when all orders have been completed. The cancelled order should not really count as ostensibly it was completed as it was cancelled. This is the only thing stopping me from getting to the next level.

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Unfortunately, the same thing had happened to me just for one order.
If you complete 1 or 2 more order, you can reach 90%.

Your cancellations stay on your stats for 60 days. I am waiting for one to fall off on April 7 so I can get my 100% completion rate back.

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Thanks for your answer. Hopefully this will be the case.

Thank you. Not sure why cancellations are considered non completed orders. It was cancelled so pretty much became a Non order. Appreciate your response.

How quickly your rate will go back up can be figured by using the method described in this thread.

Me either, but that is how Fiverr, does it.