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Getting to Top Seller Status

I see that that “Top Sellers” are hand picked by Fiverr Staff based on a number of criteria. Is roughly 300+ sales, excellent reviews and contributing to the community? Other tips to get in the running?

I am curious about this too :slight_smile:

I believe one seller got TRS after about 15k total reviews, which could mean over 30k sales. So don’t think the sales volume is a factor, but rather how original and high quality the gig is and how professional the seller is.

I too am interested in this I’ve seen many reach Top Rated Seller at around the 800 review level. I’m now at that review level and have many gigs going on with great 5 star reviews.

Just waiting to be noticed by Fiverr staff…

Hey, How are you doing? Can you let me know how will I get the status of TRS? I already fulfilled all of the requirements to getting the TRS. Last month I did not received the status. The Fiverr support team is really good and polite. They told me wait for this month they will review again. Do you have any better idea to get the TRS status.


You are replying 4 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

If you want to discuss something regarding your current situation it is best to create your own topic.

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