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Getting too many what's app numbers

Lately, I have been getting too many buyers who are contacting me and giving me their numbers. As much as I want work, I also want to be safe. I don’t want to run into trouble. I know about the warning things, but I just wanted to know if someone else is giving me their number will I get a warning from Fiverr or not.


To cover your base, report right away, if it makes you feel uncomfortable block & report. You don’t want to give 5r the impression that you’re condoning and contacting Buyers outside of 5r. Just to do your part as a Seller! Alternatively, before blocking you can educate the Buyers about the TOS. I usually follow this protocol to avoid any misunderstandings. You want to avoid getting warnings from 5r, 'cause it could ultimately get you :boot::boot: booted off the website.


Thank you so much. I have been careful that I don’t take any number from now on.

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