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Getting too much orders

Hello guys ,
I am getting too much orders i don’t know how to deal with this . could some professionals give me a general piece of advice as my cancellation rate increased, because of order cancellation i was demoted from level 2 to new seller :sleepy:

Looking forward to your generous replies


Limit the orders in the queue setting for that gig or put a gig on pause or increase the delivery times of your gigs/gig packages.

You can also ask for a delivery extension for current orders if necessary.



Have you tried using either the “limit orders in queue” option or the “pause” option or the “out of office” option when you got too busy?

If not, you could consider using these options.


Alicia, once upon a time I had the problem that you had, but it was not due to the number of orders, but due to the things going on in my life, like college, internship (more like a day job), hobby time, and sport activities. All of that lead to a overworking stress, which is terrible.

I dealt with those problems by extending my delivery time, deleting the option for one-day delivery, and raising my prices a bit. It is possible to hurt your sales, but you would be able to manage your time better. It took me around 5 months to gain back Level 2 badge. Nothing to be worried about, just try to fix things as soon as possible, so it won’t lead to different and more serious problems.

I hope that this can help to you and to other sellers.


This is first time i got knowledge about this i will really try these options.

Thank you

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Since I have my thesis defense soon (for my PhD degree at uni.) and I decided on working on my thesis, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to TRIPLE my prices and increased my order delivery time so that I could end up getting lesser orders…

But the orders have not subsided one bit. In fact, they’ve only gone up. :frowning: I don’t really want to resort to using the “limit orders in queue” option or the “OOO” option… cuz I am worried it might affect the current ranking of my gig. Oh well…

Do you think it wouldn’t affect my gig rankings too much if I used the limit orders in queue option? Your feedback would be much appreciated… And, I think the OP might benefit from the answer to this question, too.


Many Thanks, it seems that my problem will be solved soon :upside_down_face:

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Not a bad problem to have, keep up the good work.

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I have not noticed that it causes any problems for my gig’s ranking. :thinking:


You can extend your deliver time to manager your orders when busy.


You can always edit the delivery days in your gigs. Make them a bit longer. That’s what I’ve done. Sometimes things get a little wild and you get overwhelmed. Take it easy :slight_smile:

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If you are getting too many orders, your price may be too low - adjusting it upwards will slow the flow a bit and allow you to focus on the orders you do get (and make more per piece). For any product or service " too many" sales may be indicative of a pricing issue. Correcting this will increase your income and decrease the amount of orders you have to juggle, so the end result should be a positive one.



This way you can get the same, if not more money, for the amount of work you do. And by raising the price you will (most likely get a lower amount of customers). Keep raising the price until you like the amount of orders you are getting. Lower the price when you want more orders.


You can outsource the work. If you are not okay with it try to either put yourself “Out of office” however this causes issue that your gig might get outranked so its not a good option to use always.

So, in my opinion its better to “Raise your price” This is give you less orders but your earning will be almost same what you earned from bulk of orders. By this way your gig ranking also will not be affected.


Well done to be in this situation. You are doing something really well. I wish to be in this situation !

I think its time for you to raise your gigs’ price.



Thanks a lot vickiespencer . Much appreciated! :blush: :+1:

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Congratulations on getting many orders, Please check my 5 best advice:

  • Pause Your Gig
  • Increase Price
  • Extend Delivery time
  • Out of office (Vacation mode)
  • Take help of someone to complete work (skilled person).

Thank You!


Tell your clients you’ll need loooong time.
Limit orders in queue
Set higher prices on your gigs.

The way you post seems like you are a pro who is admired and demanded by clients


Probably the best advice I received!