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Getting traffic to Gig through email marketing

I got few orders and completed successfully. But currently, I am not getting buyer’s inquiry. Planned to run email marketing campaign to get traffic to my gigs, Already collected country’s factory owner’s and few startup’s all around the world’s email addresses. Although I am facing difficulties sorting out the invalid addresses, hopefully, I will find a solution to remove wrong ones from my list. Need your suggestion whether this is an old method or not.

Email marketing can be a very effective solution, BUT it depends who’s on your list.
If you bought your list then most likely your success rate is close to 0%.

  • Those people didn’t probably give their email out voluntarily. I’m guessing you scraped those from various websites on your own without any consent from the owners.
  • They don’t know anything about your services and the likelihood that they need it is close to 0.

So, the conversion rate will be close to 0% and your account may be suspended once those people complain to Fiverr. I can’t speak for others, but if my name would be on that list, I would complain :wink:

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Yes, There are some risks as well. As Fiverr is highly careful about the complaint, I have to stop it. already I am getting reply that they don’t want such email. Unluckily if they complain to Fiverr I will be punished. Thank you for pointing it.