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Getting Very Less Order

Hi Every one i have created my profile mar 2019 but up to know very less earning as i see few freelancer become a billionaire in few month but me also provide excellent service but up to know nothing can any one know easy way to become a milliner at least something something

Who did you see become a billionaire in a few months? I doubt anyone became a billionaire by freelancing unless you are talking about Zimbabwean Dollars. And, no, there are no easy ways of becoming a millionaire through freelancing. You have to work hard, market your gigs effectively, and offer quality services that buyers actually want.


Hi Vibronx i see many freelancer gigs active order more then 100+ and the gig price starting 90$ delivery time 20 to 30 days for this calculation i said freelancer become a millionaire i said i have proof any way that lucky people in need will share gigs of these freelancer