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Getting views and clicks but not orders

Hi, 6 days ago i started a gig on fiverr about translating texts from english to portuguese, but i still didn’t get my first order.

I have 128 views, 126 clicks and 10 impressions so there should be something that stops potential costumers from buying from my gig.

Here is my gig:

I would really appreciate if someone gave me some advice here.

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Search the forum for Tips & Tricks, this is getting so boring…

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I didn’t find anything there that could apply to me, since i want help in my specific gig and if it looks unprofessional or something else that repels customers.

OK, I will look into this, although your gig is very common. It’s a translation gig. But I will try and help you out.

First of all, I wouldn’t buy from you because you don’t capitalize the ‘I’ in whatever sentence.
Then, I recommend removing the ‘100% refund’, that will get nothing but trouble.

Do you have any samples? Have you done actual pro. translations that you can provide as an example for your potential buyers?

I advise you to search this forum for tips & tricks. Trust me, you will find valuable info here.

Ok, thank you, i will translate a text to put as an example in my images and change my description then.

I’m not being to d*** about this, but honestly man, I wouldn’t trust anyone to translate docs if they cannot even click SHIFT while hitting the ‘i’ key.

My point is, make your gig more professional. Write your description using proper grammar.

Oh, sorry, I often forget about capitalizing the ‘i’ because in portuguese we only do that after a “.” or in the beginning of a paragraph, will remember that from now on.

Practice English, reach your target audience (e.g. via social groups), do some marketing and work hard on it. Eventually you will get some orders.