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Getting violation for no reason

i have received a warning today. I don’t know what’s is my fault. “Communicate with customers to give them a fair answer is that my fault?”

Let me describe a complete scenario:
One of my clients order me directly, after placing an order I have done work on his task and deliver orders on time. After delivery of the order, he wants to change the price of the order but I said “That is not in my hand” So he said kindly cancel this order and I will place smaller order.
As you know cancelation always affects seller ranking. So that this I want to let him (client) know. For this, I have to take a screenshot of my order completion status and share it with him to his understanding.
I am using Fiverr for the past one year, I always communicate with the buyer to make the completely satisfied because customer satisfaction is only my first priority. Why fiverr do this even without any caring about seller


Probably something to do with the above.

Have a look at this: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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Thanks, but nothing concern with that

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You are not allowed to tell buyers that their actions affect your account. That’s coercion and Fiverr doesn’t allow it. No circumstance changes that.

You don’t get to manipulate clients to keep a sale and it’s concerning that you think this should be acceptable and don’t understand why it’s a violation.


Alright thank you i can understand we should we don’t have any rights to to explain what will affect us for buyer cancellation?

You don’t get to do it because it’s unethical to manipulate people…