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Getting warning because I'm a cold caller?

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I am a cold caller and sometime i need to talk to my clients through ■■■■■ because they need to talk to me and check my voice.
But fiver keeps giving me warning. for communicating through ■■■■■ or i dont knwo why have they disabled me from replying messages and creating gigs.
I have passed my fiver english test but still i see a message i cannot create gig without passing englsih test. i have reported this bug many times but they dont respond.

Why do they charge me 20% when they cannot afford developer to fix bugs?

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Did you try to communicate outside fiverr?
It’s clearly violating Fiverr TOS
If your service need you to make a call with your client…, then you choose a wrong platform to offer your service.

So many typo? and you said you pass english test?
Have you try to contact CS why your Englsh test result didn’t appear?
Ask why you can’t create the gig even though you pass the test…, not by reporting the bugs.
Sometimes, user miss something that makes you can’t create the gigs.

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You could have sent a recording of your voice. It wasn’t necessary at all for you to call your buyer and even if it was, you ask for Fiverr’s permission first if communication with client outside is required (in your case it isn’t). You don’t break the rules without permission and hope it will be okay.

And this gig is not appropriate for Fiverr, anyway.


Welcome to the Community.

You cannot communicate outside of Fiverr, it’s against Fiverr terms and condition.
You can communicate through chat and explain everything,
Fiverr can Disable your messages if you keep doing this… Keep in mind this is not a bug nor error that needs to be fixed, this is Fiverr feature to stop you for sharding any personal contact details.

Thakn you

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