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Getting warning on my account

I have noticed that my gigs are dined and I got warning second time I don’t know the actual issue, I think its because maybe Iast time I have done 2 orders for a buyer he accept that order but didn’t add reviews then I asked him for reviews and feedback is this an issue of getting the warning? and how can I recover my account and gigs someone please help me.fiverissue

I think you should speak to fiverr support. If you are sure you did not violate any guidelines, there should ideally be no issues! :smile:

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I asked to fiver support by sending an email but not got any reply yet, I am worry about my account now, I don’t know they have blocked my account forever or they will active it again after sometime, because my gigs are denied

Yes, that’s the reason.
It’s against the rules to ask for reviews and feedbacks

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Did you message some other seller to work with them too?

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Yes, it’s a Terms of Service violation. Was that the first time you got the warning?

As for that screenshot, it looks like you spammed other sellers by asking them to buy from you. That’s also a Terms of Service violation.

Only Customer Support can help you. Nobody on the forum can do anything about your account.


Seems like your warning is saying that you are spamming your gigs in order to promote and its against fiverr rules, Are you spamming ?

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yeah once I send my gig too to one of my buyer then i got warning first time, but I dont know why second warning is even I did’t do anything wrong in my point of view. I send request to fiver support about the issue but their is no any reply yet, I dont know what should I do even I have balance in my account.

If the screenshot was for the second warning, it looks like you sent your gig to someone again.

yes, the screenshot is of second warning but I didn’t send my gig to someone else, but yeah I asked my buyer for review because he didn’t gave me review or feedback after accepting my two orders.

Okay… So your first warning was for sending your buyer a link to your gig and the second warning was for asking your buyer a review.

Your account suspension makes sense because both of those activities go against Fiverr’s ToS. You should have read and understood Fiverr’s ToS before working on Fiverr. :crying_cat_face:

From the screenshot provided, I understand that your account is currently restricted; only Fiverr CS can help you out.

Good luck! :sunny:


I send a request to fiver support but about the account but not got any reply yet its about to more than 24 from the issue, what do you think my account is restricted forever or it will active after some time and what about balance if my account got restricted?

Hi Zubi125:

Only Fiverr customer service can tell you exactly what will happen. Wait a while, I don’t know, a few days, and message them again. As hanshuber16 said, it is up to us, the sellers, to read and get understanding of the TOS/TOU. I’ve been guilty of not reading everything and forgetting something important.

You have to wait, and not flood Customer Service with msgs everyday. Work on something else somewhere else until you hear from them. Sorry about your money that you are waiting on in your acct. Good luck to you!