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Getting weird massages on my Facebook account

I have promoted my gig on Facebook from my Facebook account. Posted one or two links here and there. Now I am getting weird messages in my FB inbox from foreign people crying out for help or contact. This is a new experience to me, as I don’t usually get this kind of messages. I have opened those two messages, but there was no link inside the message. Now I can see those two accounts used for messaging me are banned on FB.

So what’s going on? Am I safe? Or, some one else is trying to hack my Fiverr account? Is this a phishing attempt?

Can anyone help and answer? I have also placed a request on Fiverr CS.

Sounds like a phishing attempt. I’m not a tech, but I’ve never heard of a virus being transferred in a completely blank email. Maybe they were trying to get a response from you or see if your FB account would accept their email (can’t remember, but can’t you block email from certain senders on FB? you usually can almost anywhere with email). I think you’re doing the right thing: reporting the accounts to CS. We don’t want people like that on Fiverr, right? :wink:


I have got two messages from two persons called fragglesrock and fragglesrock on my fragglesrock. One was trying to start a conversation with “Hello Dear” and the other one was trying to remind me of something very important. Doesn’t matter whoever they are, they can’t gain anything from my fb account. But they can gain something from my fiverr account. So I reported to CS. Strangely, those two accounts got banned on FB now! Let’s see what happens.

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