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Getting what you asked for?


Has anyone else had issues with sending specific instructions as to what you would like your logo to look like all to get something more generic and not what you asked for? I have had this happen two times already with two different gigs. Do the designers even read our comments or suggestions? Even uploading examples doesn’t seem to work. I guess you get what you pay for: /


Reply to @liquorlist: I agree that the logo gigs that are placed on Fiverr for $5.50 can be done with mostly free software. Some will even just go to a site like Vistaprint and generate a few logos and send them to the buyer. Those will often be run by people who knock things out as fast as possible and may not read or fully grasp buyer instructions. Those will not usually be the quality you would get with an excellent logo designer.

There are some people who have years of experience in logo design and can draw up vector graphics from scratch and utilize all the professional tools to make a logo superior. They will typically spend a lot of time working with a buyer to get an idea of the buyer’s needs before they even start. Those can then take many hours by the time they are created in mock-up with multiple versions, shown to a client, then refined to fewer versions and finally designed in detail. That kind of service is worth far more than a fiverr. There may be some people with those kind of skills selling way cheaper to gain traction in the industry but that is a rarity.


The vast majority of the $5.50 gigs here can be done at home with mostly free software for nothing. Even the up-sells can be done with a little more elbow grease. I laugh when I see sellers griping that they are giving away $100 worth of work for $5.50.


Sure work such as you describe is worth more than a fiverr, that’s why you don’t see people selling that kind of quality here for five bucks.

spaqween said: I guess you get what you pay for: /
In general, yes. :) If you want to buy on Fiverr, you have to be very careful; look for reviews that have details about the actual work. When you do place an order, make sure to take advantage of "modifications", and don't hesitate to cancel an order if the seller is not providing what's described for the price.