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Getting Word doc ready for uploading to KDP

Having spent years writing a novel, is it usual to have to send it as an attachment to seller to get just a quotation? As one can perhaps understand, a book not yet published is precious!
If a gig is advertised as “x” amount I thought that was the price.
Basically I am new here and I don’t understand how it works.
Thank you in advance.

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Usually the word count is enough; a small sample could give an idea of the complexity of the work: translation, editing or else.
I have seen people attaching whole books in the Buyer Request section, but I wouldn’t do that.


Thank you very much.

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For editing you need to find editor and say to them how much words your novel has.

For formatting, depends. Some people have per number of pages, some per number of words as well.


An overview of the manuscript is okay for the seller to give you a quote to execute the project, ie, the number of pages, font type, spacing, number of images and word count.

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