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Getting wording into a video?

Hi everyone. Hoping for a little tech help and sorry to be dim. I am not very tech savvy. I am doing a favour for an elderly, unwell friend, in creating a basic video advert for him, of his Spanish holiday rental property. I am a voiceover artist and am donating my time for the VO for the vid as well as creating it. Can someone please let me know how it is that I put together a basic 45 second video that has WORDING along the bottom of each photograph that will be in the video please? I can do the VO and create the vid, that’s not the problem, the problem is getting the text of what it is I am saying to show along the bottom of each photo in the sequence. I do not know how to do that. It will be still pics only making up the vid, there is no footage to incude. As I said, this is a BASIC vid. I am just using ‘Video Editor’ in Microsoft on a PC to do it. As I said, I am not really tech savvy but just want to help this man. Will I need a different program to the one I’ve got? All helpful comments welcome, thanks.

They said its a friend, not a buyer, how would that be a scam?

Put it on YouTube. Then turn on closed captions …

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It takes a little time, but you can transcribe the words into Canva or somewhere and then download them all as a photo files (.png or .jpg) with transparent backgrounds then overlay the text in somewhere like iMovie; all of that is free. I’m not a video editor or anything, but I do all the social media and creative media for my church, and that’s how I make sermon jams and worship clips. Since the video’s only 45 seconds, it shouldn’t take you too long. Whenever a video is longer, though, I usually just pay someone to add captions. You can get captions/text overlay pretty cheap for a short video like yours.

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