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Getting work (and did I mess up on setting delivery time?)

I just made a new gig yesterday and I need to get some tips and help on promoting it and getting some work.

I added a link to my Fiverr profile on my portfolio site; do I also have to add a link to the gig somewhere on there as well?

Lastly, I gave myself the full 90 days on package delivery time–was that a bad idea? I’m worried if it might discourage people. I wasn’t sure how long I’d take so I wanted to be safe. Do I have to delete that gig and create a new one if setting that as the delivery time was a bad idea?

And if I want to create a web application as my gig service, do I still have to specify that info about the package? Or is it possible to leave the package stuff empty?

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You can edit anything on your Gig, so you don’t have to delete and re-do.

I’m not sure what service you provide but 90 days seems like a long time to deliver something.

I provide blogs and web articles and have my delivery set to 7 days to give me a cushion in case something comes up.

I just wanted to be safe on the time. I wanted to offer a service of building React apps. I’m not actually sure how long it’ll take.

Fair enough.

Maybe do some of the work “on the side” to see what time frame is required.

That should help you to narrow it down.

I want to set it to a little over 30. But I don’t see anywhere I can edit the package info on the gig editing page.

When you go into Gig Edit, use the heading “Pricing” and you’ll be able to edit the time.

Alright, thanks. I set it to 30 for now since 45 also seemed a bit much. I hope this much is fine.

So what should I do to promote the gig and get some work?

Since you only have 8-minutes read time here on the Forum, I suggest you start reading posts.

Start with the Fiverr Terms of Service.

That will tell you how Fiverr works.

Then visit the Fiver Tips category and bone up on your knowledge.

You’ll find some great tips (and some bad ones) that should answer you question.

Good luck.