Getting work samples removed from a seller's online portfolio


Guys, I have a quick question. My work that I ordered showed up automatically in the sellers online portfolio. Seller was great, so leaving feedback was not a problem, but I didn’t know know that the things you ordered would automatically show up on their page (didn’t know about that option when leaving feedback.) My order with the seller is now closed, with feedback left.

Anyway, to keep it short, haven’t heard back from Customer Service in two days. I want to just delete my account. If I did that, would my work samples then just automatically disappear from the sellers gig page, along with the comments I left, etc?

I would really appreciate any help on this. Thanks so much.



No deleting your account would not help.

Stick it out with customer support. When they get to your ticket they will remove your delivery from the sellers portfolio.

They are the only ones that can help you at this point.


i really appreciate the reply. Thank you! Is this a common complaint from people? its pretty sh*t of fiverr to not give people the option…


It gives you the option when you leave feedback to either include/exclude the item from the seller’s portfolio.

I’m not sure, but you may be able to go to the order page and change the option there as well.


nope tried all that. once order is closed you cant do anything, sadly.


Ah right - I know you can choose not to have the item in the seller’s portfolio before the order is completed, so something to remember for the next time I suppose.


indeed! thanks much for replying though! yes, they dont make that clear that you can uncheck the work sample box during checkout!!
anywho, looks like fiverr did get to my ticket, thankfully.
i do like fiverr, dont get me wrong! was lucky to find a really great designer!


Next time,if uou want to leave a review,just tell your seller to send you the delivery in a zip file,this way i will not appear on his portfolio.


It’s in the Help section:

“Note: Sellers who deliver video or image files have the option to add the delivered files as a work sample to their Live Portfolio. Buyers may remove the work sample while providing feedback by clicking on the “X” that appears hovering over the work sample.”


Thats a fab tip - thanks Simo! Ill check out your gigs too.


a dropbox link will also do the trick. :wink:


Lol, the average person isn’t checking out the ‘help’ section before checking out. The main point here, is that Fiverr should always give buyers the option of choosing whether or not they want sellers to display their work, whther the order is complete or not.
Some buyers want their job to remain confidential.


you rock - thanks Frank. seriously, thanks everyone in this forum. You guys are amazing. It was so reassuring to get responses straightaway X


Buyers always have the option to choose whether or not they want the seller to display the work he/she did for them, you were just not aware of that option at the time (that’s why it’s useful to check the ‘help’ section in advance, so you know how stuff works and what your options are). :slight_smile: Some sellers are not aware that the buyer can choose that, so they complain on the forum that they have invested a lot of time for a small compensation because they were hoping to build up their portfolio, and then their work just doesn’t show.

I understand that buyers may want to keep the work confidential, that’s why I keep my live portfolio off (a lot of other sellers do that, too).

I hope you keep enjoying Fiverr!


Thanks Catwriter! Great advice and I will def check ahead in advance in the future! I hope all of you guys have enjoyed your time on fiverr, too. I had no idea it existed but am now slightly addicted, LOL! :slight_smile: