Getting Worried Here


A client wanted to talk on skype and sent me his username. Naturally, I denied and my message got flagged. This has happened before but this time around it’s taking longer than 24 hours. Is it common for it to take this long? In most cases, it gets cleared in like 4 - 8 hours.


What words did you use to deny him?


These exact words:
“Unfortunately, if a seller tries to communicate off-site there account will get banned. Communicating outside of Fiverr with a client is not allowed, you can read about it in the Terms of Service. I hope you understand. If you have any questions or concerns I’ll be more than happy to answer them right here.”


Obviously your message got flagged. Too many red flags in that message. You are dealing with an algorithm, not humans.


I thought I worded it pretty well. :frowning:

So, any idea how long I’ll have to stay in suspense?


The phrase “outside of Fiverr” is definitely one of the triggers. Try to avoid it in the future. I doubt that you’ll get in trouble for using it if you don’t break the rules, but getting your messages held like that is annoying.


There’s nothing wrong with your response (other than the obvious choice of words)
However, you covered your :peach:, so give it some time T&S will sort it out for ya.


There was nothing wrong with your response. In fact, it was perfect.

Polite, precise, professional and informative. Just the way it should be.

You shuoldn’t stay in suspense for another second. There’s no reason to.

Forget about having to ponder over which words to use obsessively in order for algorithm not to flag you. The content of the message is what matters. If you have politely refused and explained the Buyer why they shouldn’t do it anymore (like you did), you have **zero ** to worry about.

The only reason it’s taking longer may be because the Trust & Safety Team is swamped and slower than usual. But you are 100% safe (if your message was exactly the same as you posted here).

You are in full compliance with the ToS, just keep on working hard, Trust & Safety team will approve your messages in no time.

Best of luck!


Yeah, as Richard said there was nothing wrong with your message.
As Cat said, “outside of Fiverr” is a trigger phrase that will get flagged every time.


Thanks man, saved a screenshot and a vid clip just in case.