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Getting writing gigs

I know it’s possible to get offers here, because I’ve done it before, but my gigs don’t seem to be ranking very high in the search results. I made this account into a seller account yesterday, and I may be trying to get it off the ground. Any suggestions?

You’ve gotten offers before, but the gigs are all new?

First impressions:
Select a profile icon. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but having something is better than the default.
Be VERY careful with ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ statements. Scammers love these.
You can use multiple images per gig. Utilize it.

In gigs:
“The prices listed on the packages are kind of a rough estimate.” Wordy. And risky. No reasoning on why.
Essay writing is against ToS.

“How about I write you a 500-1,000 word chapter for $20?” Make into a statement, not a question. Ditto standard and premium.
Might want to consider: ‘I will complete’ rather than write.
Pretty sure this belongs in a ‘wrting’ category, not ‘Self-Help/Wellness’.

“…or a contest you want to win?” Pretty sure this is against ToS.
Description needs expanding.

Fanfic disclaimer line messy.


Thanks for the response.

Yes. This is a new seller account. I deactivated the old one and sent several emails to customer support to get help opening this new one. I wanted to have a different nickname on my seller account than on my buyer account maybe, but perhaps I’m just happy to have a working seller account again.

Perhaps I haven’t carefully read the updated ToS, but isn’t it just against the Tos if I offer to help students cheat, like writing essays for them and such? An essay for a magazine shouldn’t be the same thing, should it?

That’s rough, as a new account means you are starting as a new seller, no matter your previous experience. Almost all new sellers struggle.

Specify it then, put the word ‘magazine’ in front of ‘essay’. Still risky.

The word essay is in your gig URL which cannot be changed.

You would be better to make a new gig and avoid the word essay altogether.

If you type “essay gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.

As has been suggested, upload a profile photo or logo as that will look more professional.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


How do I delete a gig? What are some things I should watch out for when creating and posting gigs? What kinds of stock photos does Fiverr accept for profile avatars?

Why would you want a stock image for a profile picture?

I may not consider myself a very good artist, and I may not want to use any of my personal photos.

Take a picture of a cup of pens and pencils. Or a stack of colored paper. Or of a brown-bag-wrapped textbook sitting on a desk. Or a mason jar of cookies.
Look around, I’m sure there’s something small (in decent lighting) that you can snap a pic of.

I have something now.

If you Switch to Selling and then click Gigs there is an arrow to the extreme right hand side of each gig with a little dropdown menu.

This may be helpful to you:

Your gig pricing for your standard package looks wrong. The package description says “15,000-20,000” word… for $200" but it the word count defaults to 15,000 and changing it to 20,000 makes the price $315.

I can edit it if it’s off, but isn’t charging at least one cent per word fairly reasonable?

Yes maybe. It just needs to agree with your package description though, whatever price you decide.

Also you say you charge extra for researching topics you’re not extremely familiar with, but you don’t say how much that will cost or what topics you are familiar enough with.

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Okay, I deleted one of my original advertisements, due to the word “essay” being included. I also replied to potential clients who were advertising in “Buyer Requests.” I got what might have been a few responses in my inbox, but I wasn’t able to reply to any of the messages. I’m not even sure I could see them.

Do you have any advice on how to deal with this? I’m not really sure what happened. Maybe the clients saw that I didn’t reply immediately and then moved on to the next offer? I’m not checking this website 24/7, but I did check my messages within 24-48 hours.

Also, are there any penalties or drawbacks for offering the client a money-back guarantee or similar offer? Would Fiverr penalize me in terms of ratings or fees?

Inbox messages that you can see but can’t reply to (and where there’s no option to flag as “not spam”) will probably be because the seller’s account has been deactivated. Possibly by Fiverr. Maybe due to spam/scam. It’s possible that messages like that weren’t related to the offers you sent.

Yes it’s possible buyers can move onto a different offer. Maybe they prefer another offer or sometimes if a reply takes too long or they don’t get the response they want they’ll move on to another seller/offer.

I’m not checking this website 24/7, but I did check my messages within 24-48 hours.

You can set up email notifications and as long as you reply within 24 hours it won’t be a problem with the evaluation stats. Though the response time shows the avg amount in hours (not sure if it excludes those in the middle of the night or if those count towards the avg). Taking a very long time to respond might be an issue with some buyers and cause them to contact another seller instead. But it would depend on the urgency. edit: For writing gigs (if writing something like whole book/chapter) I think there’d be less urgency.

Also, are there any penalties or drawbacks for offering the client a money-back guarantee or similar offer? Would Fiverr penalize me in terms of ratings or fees?

It depends how many of your buyers use your money-back guarantee. Fiverr penalises cancellations (in the stats, the evaluations (could lead to a demotion if level >0 or not getting a promotion to a higher level) and probably search rank). They won’t charge you anything.
According to the TOS:

Sellers must fulfill their orders, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Cancelling orders will affect Sellers’ reputation and status.

edit: Also, in one of your gigs you say “Non public domain fan fiction cannot be used for commercial use” but you seem to offer writing for that, even though to do so you’d be using those works commercially (eg. if you incorporated characters etc. from commercial works).