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Getting your first order!


I’m new to fiverr and want to get some tips on how to increase my chance in order to get my first order.
And It’ll be really great if you’d suggest me how I can improve my gigs.

My gig :


I have yet to get a true “first” order. My orders have come from contacts that I have made in the Fiverr community and telling them how I can assist them if they have the need. That has given me a few sales over the past two weeks, but my real measure of success will be when that first customer finds my gig organically by searching and clicking on me and ordering. THAT will be what I count as my “first” order.

I have followed all the tips and tricks and I do see my impressions and clicks going up. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time now.

more to come…


Hmm. What do you think about my gig/profile? Is there anything you can suggest me to improve it?


please follow the buyer request


You can read this topics and follow the steps.


please follow the buyer request


Follow The Buyer Request and get first order


I am also a victim like you,
Any keep Hope.God will bless anytime