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Getting zero impression on the gig and not visible on search


hello I have been getting zero impressions since the creation of the gig.I have created a gig 2 days back and since then there are no impressions on it. The only order i got through is by social media and my gig is not showing in search results too.


be patience, two days is nothing.
This isn’t a fast process to wealth, it’s very slow getting momentum.


I know I had a gig with 12 orders completed and got to level 1 but some competitor reported it for nothing and they denied my gig :frowning: starting again with new gig :confused:


if they took your gig down you did something against their rules. They aren’t stupid enough to take down a gig that is earning unless there is something there against the rules.


I dont think there was anything wrong There are similar gigs which are still running even the gig images was made by me only


well, it is what it is. You may not think there was anything wrong but it seems Fiverr did or else they wouldn’t have removed it.

Just market yourself outside fiverr, hone your skills, and build your business. Don’t sit back and expect buyers to come to you, go out and get your buyers.


I see in your description about getting facebook likes and things, which is against TOS. (And don’t say “i see others with it” that doesn’t mean it’s permitted just means they haven’t been caught yet)


Thank you so our personal description also matters ?


yes, they’ll take down accounts that have things in the description that aren’t allowed.

I know someone that put their contact info in the description and they were suspended. You have to follow the rules all throughout your account, not just in gigs.


Thank you I will make the change Can you please review my only gig is there anything wrong with it ?