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Getty Images for $10?


I’m a brand new seller filling out my initial gig info. Click the “stock photo” box and “I’ll use a Getty Images® licensed stock image for $10” appears. I clicked an image at Getty Images, chose the cheapest usage options and came up with a $1000+ price tag. So, how can I offer an image for $10. Obviously I’m not getting something.


I haven’t tried it, but I do know there are restrictions to offering that. It’s a combination of restrictions and some sort of contract between Fiverr and Getty Images. Basically, Fiverr’s not paying what you would pay. If a big ad agency went to Getty, they wouldn’t have to pay that either.

If you bought, for instance, hamburger patties at the store, its a lot more per unit than when a fast food chain buys them. Sometimes a chain will sell a whole cheeseburger to you (the consumer) for less than what the store charges you for one patty.

You’re not really offering it by yourself. You just get a little bit for helping to sell it. Basically, congratulations, you’re now a Getty Images salesperson.


Thanks. I was sure that was the case but didn’t know how to offer it. I did finally find a Fiver help video explaining that the buyer selects the gig and pays for it, after which the seller can select an image from the GettyWidget.