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GGig has been flagged by Fiverr team for not being original gig image

Hello there,
Hope you guys doing well. I’ve been facing a problem with my best selling top ranked gig. Fiverr send me a mail regarding to change me the gig image. I need your assistance. My gig has 2 running order & fiverr paused my gig. What to do?
Please help me.
I’m attaching the image below.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Change your gig image to something you have the right to use. Ideally, to something that you have designed from scratch (not just seen somewhere and redrawn from scratch, but designed starting from the initial concept that’s your own).

I’ve noticed that you’re using image taken from the internet (that’s not free for commercial use) on at least one of your active gigs. If you keep using images you have no right to use, you risk getting permanently banned from Fiverr.


Thanks For your assistance. I’ve a running order on that gig. Should i change the gig image before delivering the running project or after?

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That’s a tricky one. Normally, I’d say to change it as soon as possible, but if your new images don’t get accepted, your gig could get denied, and I have no idea what happens with the active orders in that case.

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Simple open Photoshop and make image with your gig titles and describe what are you providing and upload it will be accepted

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Thanks, But fiverr removed my gig. Can i create the same gig with same title & description with different gig image?

There are many sellers that are using someone else work and displaying it as if they are original designer of it. Glad Fiverr Team is into action now. I have reported many of such gigs in the past and they are still as it is. I have even provided the original link to the image. I will see if those will be turned down or not.

Please use your own work rather than copying ready made templates or someone else work.


Thanks, Can i create the same gig with same title & description with different gig image?

Thank you for reporting these! It’s so wrong.


As long as it your own original work, I think it should be fine with the Fiverr.

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It might be a good idea to ask Customer Support for permission first.

It would also be a great idea to go through all of your gigs and get rid of all the images that you have lifted from the internet/haven’t created from scratch.

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I did the same as i saw many sellers ( mostly new sellers) were using rated seller’s portfolio images in their own portfolio and i reported many gigs but i stopped doing that now as i saw so many gigs were still there even after submitting strong evidence.Mostly all were from the same country from south asia( i won’t write name here as i think its not allowed here) . i was really frustrated as it is so unfair to use someone else’s hard work and also they are gonna be the reason for more unhappy buyers on fiverr as those seller can never provide quality work as showed in portfolio(as it is already not their work), and the result will be more unhappy buyers on fiverr and they will leave the platform.So it is really really unfair for Fiverr and other sellers too who is working hard and provides quality work.


I really appreciate you