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Ghost "Active" orders

Yet another bug in relation to my other issue of two infinite pending active orders.

This time the orders were cancelled and counted as official cancellations(Even though I was told they wouldn’t since buyer never even filled out information.), but they still remain in the active area when I click it and still display as actively counting down despite it saying 0. I contacted the technical support area for a reason as it was broken in the first place, and all they decided to do was simply cancel the orders apparently furthering the bug to an even worse state that is making my cancellation count kind of wonky as well.

A little confused why they would simply ignore the issue and cancel it like a normal order. Just another bug to look out for. These were orders back from 2011 and until recently all it let me do was “nudge” the buyer despite the availability of the feature for mutually cancelling without supposedly effecting you was implemented.

My only assumption would be that the bug occurred because not only did I delete the gig a long time ago, but it was from a system that was buried into V2 and still had old protocols that apparently no longer exist anymore and it confused the system. This would be my best guess. If you have very old orders you plan on attempting to cancel, don’t. They’re bugged like crazy. Maybe someone will actually look at this further and solve the problem via my ticket, who knows. I even made sure to clear cookies and all that and try to open the browser again to see if that was the case… and it most certainly isn’t.

Just my input, nothing too important of a bug, I am sure it will be fixed eventually.

Your right same problem here, Hope, It will be fixed soon.

@labnols They told me they were looking into it on the 28th, today is the 1st of the following month. In addition I have got one random additional “cancellation” out of nowhere. I went up 3 cancellations despite their claim that the cancellations wouldn’t go up. I can’t even “stop” the mutual cancellation as it glitched into “late” so that if I cancel the mutual cancellation I will get an auto-feedback claiming I am late on an order the buyer never even filled information on. In addition my “active” order count says 1 despite getting new orders. That’s all glitched up too, sigh. If it starts effecting my funds I am going to be very frustrated to the point of pausing gigs and waiting until the issue is resolved completely.