Ghost work


i had someone increase my twitter followers by 2500 thought he did a great job but somehow it was all BS i had 3100 plus followers for about a week and then the all disappeared and I’m back down to the original 381 that i started with. the interesting thing is that they went down 5 minutes after i left him a a good feedback. what do i do???


Well, you can remove the positive feedback.

However, you shouldn’t expect anything more than what happened for your money. For those gigs people will only ever use bots which disappear as quickly ass they start following you.


What should you do?

You should NEVER buy traffic and expect it to be permanent. Do you really think these people have thousands or even millions of fans waiting to follow you for a share in $5?

You purchased a SCAM and were scammed. Fiverr’s attitude toward this can be summed up as: Tough beans!


Reply to @cheezees: Well said! I guess you had a learning experience @XavierTheActor


Reply to @cheezees: You used tough beans! I love it!

Reply to @xaviertheactor: Unfortunately those usually are scams, definitely make sure to change your feedback. I’m sorry that you had to waste your $5, those gigs are sooo shady.


Reply to @accessgirl: I was thinking of you the whole time!!! I’m kinda stoked that you saw it! :stuck_out_tongue: