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Ghost Writer Refuses to Cancel

So after reading a couple reviews I have found I am not alone in this issue.

I have paid a ghost writer for 20 blogs to be written. I provided research data for the 20 items.

I requested a 1000 word unique content writing with five paragraph approach:

  • Opening Paragraph
  • 3 Body Paragraphs
  • Closing Paragraph with takeaways

The writer literally copied the research data, changed the descriptive words, nouns / adjectives and submitted it back to me thinking I wouldn’t read the content. She sent over 12 of the research articles, two of which were duplicates and the word count is near identical to what I submitted as research.

It is literally the same content I provided just with nouns and adjectives changed.

It has been four weeks back and forth and she refuses to fix or cancel the order.

How do I proceed?

R= Research
S= Submitted
Every document is like this… its a blatant copy paste and a MS Word Noun replacement.


Contact CS and explain.

She committed fraud. You don’t have to pay for fraud. CS should know she is doing that, anyway.

Sorry this seller did this to you.

If you’re paying a very low price, this is much more likely to happen.


What is written in her gig description? Is it says there that it will be unique articles or it says that it will be based on your research?
Can you attach her gig description here? (Of course without name of a seller)


Another example.

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Gig Information.
She said original content but if you look its the SAME that I provided for research content.

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Third example is 100% copied.
I have requested revisions for four weeks.
She will not fix, keeps uploading the same content and says done.
Says “Let me fix”
Then re-uploads in a different order the same content.

Another example. If you notice the nouns and adjectives were changed and resubmitted back to me.

R = Research
S = Submission

Cancel the whole thing.


Customer Support will likely help you resolve this. Contact them ASAP.

Just out of curiosity, was this a $5 gig?

After a quick google search based on your screenshot, it seems like it is. Next time you place an order I would consider expanding your search for higher quality sellers who charge slightly more.


To be honest, if it’s a $5 gig, that’s the amount of work one should expect for it (as in, rewording of the submitted material).

Fiverr itself recommends (or used to recommend) that sellers offer 5-15 minutes of work in $5 gigs.


You should get in touch with the Customer Support team. It’s such a pity that some freelancers commit such a fraud on this platform…


Exactly what i had in mind
“Low price”
This is a whole lot of content and am sure an expert would charge you for it and get the job done approriately.


I’m so sorry that you are facing this on Fiverr. Regarding the attachments that you added to your description of the problem I would say that this is not content production at all. My best advice to your is that you report the situation to CS attaching proofs. Wish you all the best. And don’t give up on Fiverr. There are lots of good professionals around here.

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Agreed. Adage: you get what you pay for right? It’s unfortunate but true. Just sorted by reviews.

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The writer will not allow me to cancel. I have asked for revisions and to cancel over 16 times.

Yeah I was unaware. I read the gig description and proceeded. Haven’t used fiverr. Just heard of it and tried to find help.

Thoughts, what should one suspect for a 1,000 word blog on health?

As a content creator myself (no longer offering blogs), I’d say USD $50 is the least you should expect to pay for a 1,000-word piece. Anything less than that isn’t really worth it for any experienced blogger.


In addition to what @ssj1236 said, try with one blog post first, to see if the writer is a good match for your needs.

And if $50 per blog post seems like too much, here are the professional rates (I’m not associated with them, it’s just a very useful link):


As a writer, I am sop sorry to hear about this. As others have said, contact CS. They can cancel for you. In the future test writers with one small article first. When someone wants a bulk order from me like that, I always suggest we start with one and go from there so we can see how it goes and build from there. Charles


Thank you so much
carry on