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Ghost Writer Refuses to Cancel

Appreciate all the feedback. Moving forward your advice is solid. I should have asked for one article first. That is a great idea and in hindsight that makes sense.

I have requested revisions today and the writer keeps sending back the same articles.

Just cancel through CS. You do not need the Buyers approval to cancel. CS will do it for you no questions asked.

He isn’t going to do revisions because he’s a scam artist.

Just report him to CS and cancel.

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This is infuriating! The person did not even pick good words to trade out for. Not that re-writes are just trading out words! But wow. I could do a better job trying to run this scam, and I have never even thought about doing this kind of thing, in the whole 6 months I have been ghost writing here. :roll_eyes:

Just a follow up guys. CS did finally cancel the order. When I made this post I had already contacted CS. I would imagine with the pandemic we all face, they are flooded.

I really appreciate all of your help, guidance, and suggestions. This forum has been a beacon of hope.

Thank you

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If the order was cheap that’s the service you pay for.