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Ghost Writing as a gig extra?



I have recently begun writing articles for customers on Fiverr and am trying to decide how the buying community would accept this - for the regular $5 gig the article must keep my name as the author and for a $15 gig extra I will act as a ghost writer and they don’t have to reference me. Does anyone have any thoughts or tips from their own experience? I’m not sure how to ‘test’ this new price change without deterring clients if it turns out to be a bad idea.




Personally, I don’t have any experience with writing gigs. Although, it really depends on what you’re doing now. Are you implementing this compulsory reference already? And how many sales are you getting right now?

If you are already implementing the reference now, then sure go for it. If you’re not, and getting enough sales - then you could try, but maybe lower the price to an extra $5 for the ghost writing.

If you’re not and getting low sales, then I suggest you don’t - and try and get enough reviews before you try bumping any prices.




First… According to Fiverr’s ToS…

Everything you deliver becomes the property of the Buyer to do with as they see fit.

So if you choose to Sell differently, you must specifically state in your gig description what your stipulations are.


Thanks both of you. I do think I should get some more reviews and more constant business before I try to raise my prices, I just don’t like ghost writing as a moral issue so I would ultimately like to raise the price and discourage that. When I do, I will be sure to be very clear in my description to avoid any confusion with buyers.


Hi Carrie,

I offer writing gigs on Fiverr and have found with many business owners needing website and blog content, that they prefer to post either under their name, or under no name at all.

Even if they were to agree to post in your name, you really wouldn’t have a way to control it–and as @voiceoverwork mentioned, the content is theirs once it is purchased.

Best of luck!