Ghost Writing On Fiverr!


“Ghost Writing” One of the most sought-after elements of online businesses and the service that I recently started on Fiverr. Guys, I have experience of creating some of the iconic marketing campaigns but for the first time, I am unsure about the success of my this new gig.

Undoubtedly, i have an ability to create influencing, memorable and evergreen content but guys do you think my idea of cultivating ghost writing gig here can work for me!

Fingers Crossed!!!


Good luck


I am a very successful ghostwriter here on fiverr. more successful than when i did graphic design.


Reply to @keyboard0: Thanks Keyboard0. I got my first 10 sales now and looking forward to satisfy more buyers.

Good Luck to you too!


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: Thanks for commenting. I am doing good with my gig but the only worry that bothers me is my rating. I was forced to cancel multiple orders by an unresponsive buyer and it takes my even Level 1 Badge as well.

Trying to revive my rating now!