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Giants use WORDPRESS, why don't you? not a giant? don't worry, you have ME


Wordpress is a super blogging machine and people who are real genius never make mistakes to recognize the real diamond. From that perspective, they have chosen the right CMS(Content Management System) to make their website professionally awesome. Here is the list of those WORDPRESS lovers.

  1. ebay
  2. yahoo
  3. sony
  4. samsung
  5. digg blog
  6. ford
  7. wall street journal
  8. people magazine
  9. playstations
  10. NYtimes blog
  11. mozilla firefox
  12. cnn
  13. wired
  14. gigga OM
  15. ben and jerry
  16. Network Solutions
  17. Download
  18. cpanel

    If this guys can rely on wordpress, why don’t you? And if you do, then why don’t you make your site professionally awesome? And if you want, why don’t you hire me right now?

    I would love to customize your website for 5$ and I am serious. Don’t believe it? Let’s negotiate :slight_smile: … HOOOah!