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GIF animate profil


how to upload GIF format into my gig profile?? because there are sellers who use an animated gif in the profile gig, but I tried to upload gif in my profile gig does not work, ?? please give an explanation?


I have never seen a Fiverr user that uses an animated profile image. As far as I am aware, you cannot use an animated gif as your profile image. That would be why your attempts to upload one have always failed.


please see this gig


That’s not a profile picture. You asked about posting animated gigs in your profile. That seller’s animated image exists as a gig gallery photo. There is a difference between your profile, and the image you use to represent your gig.

#5 how this man added animated profile picture?


Ya know, that’s not half bad.


He’s added it as a .png. His gig says he does it in photoshop.

It shows as an animated profile in Internet Explorer but I just see it as a still profile image in Firefox.


Yes, He is right. I saw many seller too they using gif. I asked in support about it they says it’s allowed but I can’s upload mine too.


Just a note: you responded to a comment that I made TWO YEARS ago. My comment, and this topic, are not part of a current discussion.


You posted that in another thread and I answered you there. Please don’t keep posting the same thing in multiple threads, thanks.


He’s trying very hard to make a point.


People get very excited when they see moving gifs on fiverr.


Old OP - let’s discuss this elsewhere.