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🎁 Fiverr Sales In A Week - Anonymous Poll!


How many sales/orders do you guys get in a week? Just curious and bored haha! Feel free to leave a comment down below as well! [poll type=regular]

  • 1-2 Orders A Week
  • 3-4 Orders A Week
  • 5-10 Orders A Week
  • 10-15 Orders A Week
  • 15-20 Orders A Week
  • 20-40 Orders A Week
  • 40-60 Orders A Week
  • 60-70 Orders A Week
  • 70-80 Orders A Week
  • 80-90 Orders A Week
  • More than a hundred orders a week


You should have made this poll anonymous. I don’t want to answer since this is a personal question. You can edit it if you want to I think. I do think it’s a great idea. :+1:


Oh I thought it was, let me fix that.


How do you do that? Sorry first time will polls


Oh maybe it already is! Sorry. You can put that in the title that it’s anonymous.

Someone voted but they aren’t shown so I guess it is already.


Oh ok! I was about to say I think it is haha! Thanks for the advice! I will!


I’m going to wait until some others answer to preserve anonymity.


Ok sounds good! Thank you!


randomly :grinning: (8000000000 characters here)


Glad I made it random! Thanks for voting/checking out my forum!


I´d have voted, but I´d have needed a ‘random’ option to click ;), it differs a lot for me.


It is a lot different at the moment for me due to the changes made than it was a month or two ago.


It’s all because gigs are not moving in the Search page. I seen editors are doing manually :slight_smile:


I have one third the orders this month than I’ve ever had in the whole time I’ve been here.


I have had a lot more orders lately. Just got bumped to level 2 last week as well. I have been here for 6 months. Hopefully things start improving for you.


this is the worst month for me by now. I barely get 1 order in every 5-6 days because(probably) of that search problem.
so I’m choosing the “1-2 Orders A Week” option because of current situation


Sorry that is happening to you. I wish Fiverr would fix their way gigs show up so everyone has a fair chance


How is your conversion rate on your gigs? Please start giving your conversion rates. That may be something the new algorithm is looking at.


where do you find the conversion rate?


Click on “gigs”

then you will see a list of gigs of yours. Click on one and on the little drop down box in the upper right corner,
click on conversion rate. Each gig will be slightly different but give a general rate overall for your gigs. It will vary from day to day and week to week but please try to give a general figure for this.