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Gift? Really? But why...?


Do you have this update? Why fiverr is giving $5 back on spending $20? Is this for each time spending $20 or only for once? :rolling_eyes:

Surprising Aman :girl:


Once I guess.

Just wondering would they take $1 from that $5. :thinking:


Do you have this? I just receive this.


yes received once but didnt use it.


Do you remember valid date for this give back money, when you received this update?


No, it was a while ago so dont remember exactly.


I thought its neo one. Sorry if you guys already have this money back update .:upside_down:


I get one whenever I haven’t purchased in a few weeks to a month. It’s one time use only. You get a $5 credit to purchase or give as gratuity to a seller.

If you’re just a buyer like me, the best part is there is no transaction fee. :heart:


I miss that notification and dashboard icon :cry: