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Gift Vouchers for Buyers?



I was wondering why not have an option to buy gift vouchers on fiverr?

My friend’s birthday was coming up , he wanted to get some fortune telling and astrology advice (he loves those kind of stuff) and I thought it was a good idea to give him some coupon for free astrology but I wasn’t able to get him from fiverr. So why not create something like I can get a 5$ gift voucher where he can buy anything he wants on fiverr?


@fiverr…oh, we’re not where the media can see them corporately acknowledge us. This will go unanswered. I’m posting a link. If it gets moderated, someone important saw it, and my work here is done.

Formerly FastCard. But that was already a thing.

A good suggestion that’s time has come. Side note: I will lie to your friend for money, at competitive rates! Shop around.